The Closure of the Year of Canon Camisasa

November 12, 2022

    A Mass in the parish of the Assumption of the Virgin Mary of Caramagna, archdiocese of Turin in Piedmont, the 6th of November 2022, closed the year dedicated to Canon Giacomo Camisassa, faithful collaborator of Blessed Giuseppe Allamano for 42 years. The celebration was attended by the two IMC – MC General Governments, numerous faithful, children and adolescents who attend catechesis, the Sisters of Mary Immaculate, a congregation founded by Mons. Perlo, some family members of Camisassa, and the Mayor of Caramagna, Francesco Emanuel.

    The mass was presided over by the General Superior Rev.  Fr. Stefano Camerlengo. “Why we still remembering a man are who died 100 years ago? It is because he was good person with great values who did good things, among which collaborating with Joseph allamano founding the two institutes” He stressed Fr. Stefano in his homily. At the beginning of the celebration, the parish priest, Don Domenico Veglio, underlined some of the teachings of Blessed Allamano. Sr Simona Brambilla, General Superior of the Consolata sisters, presented a summary of the life of Camisassa. God be praised for this beautiful family experience that enhances the figure of our Co-Founder. Caramagna is also the home village of Mons Perlo, first Consolata missionary bishop and who was also the nephew to Canon Camisassa, one of the four pioneers and outstanding figure to our first missions in Kenya.

By Fr Godfrey Msumange