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Consolata Missionaries in Africa
20240414Congo Regional Conference of DR Congo reflects on forgiveness and reconciliation The Conference started on the 8th and will last until 15 April. Having concluded the retreat, the regulations were presented, followed by the reading of the reality, and sharing of the experiences of the IMC communities in Congo: Somana, Neisu, Procure House in Isiro, and Bisengo Mwambe.
434716624_10161283308853050_7760124005475318609_n Witnesses of communion and spirituality in the land of Poland The Consolata young missionaries operating in Europe gathered in Poland for a special meeting. The event, organized by the region of Europe, from April 2nd to 7th, 2024, hosted 28 participants from countries such as Mozambique, Congo, Colombia, Kenya, Uganda and Italy.
20240411Congo3 Ninth Conference of Consolata Missionaries in the Democratic Republic of Congo The Congo region joyfully welcomes the general direction (the vice Superior General, Father MichelAngelo Piovano, and two counselors Fr. Matthew Odhiambo and Fr. Ernesto Mgalama) for the 9th conference of Consolata missionaries in the Democratic Republic of Congo, which began on April 8th and will conclude on April 15th, 2024.


capa1 Tanzania regional conference calls for mission ad gentes synodality Evaluate and program the mission ad gentes for the next six years. This was the main objective of the XII Regional Conference of the Consolata Missionaries in Tanzania. The meeting took place from the 2nd to the 9th of February 2024 at Consolata Mission Centre Bunju in Dar es Salaam. 
Rt. Rev Abraham Desta, Bishop of Meki, Ethiopia Msgr: “The Church in Ethiopia must be a Prophetic Voice” From the beginning, Blessed Allamano had wanted to send his missionaries to Ethiopia. But his wish was fulfilled only in 1913, when part of the Vicariate of Oromo was entrusted to the Institute and was erected the Apostolic Prefecture on January 28, 1913, with the name of Southern Kaffa.
Assembly-Ivory-Coast Consolata Missionaries in Ivory Coast towards the Fifth Conference The Consolata Missionaries in Ivory Coast are having their Annual Assembly from 22nd January until 29th January 2024 in San Pedro. This is an extraordinary encounter of these eleven Missionaries from six different nationalities (Italy, Mozambique, Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania and Argentina), working in three different dioceses across Ivory Coast (Odienne diocese, San Pedro diocese and the Archdiocese […]
Lengarin Be Witnesses of the Word of God: Fr James Lengarin The Consolata missionaries working in the African continent have been urged to be witnesses of the Word of God. Fr James Lengarin, the General Superior of the Consolata missionaries said these words on December 8, 2023 during the closing Mass of the post-chapter continental assembly of Africa held in Bunju, Dar es Salaam, Tanzania. “The […]
Lenga “It is Medically a Miracle”: Approval Inches Blessed Allamano to Sainthood “Dear brothers we communicate the joyful message that today, the team that was examining the medical validity of the miraculous healing of the Yonomami, IT IS MEDICALLY A MIRACLE… We continue praying the Lord for the theological part to end positively and very soon,” reads an announcement by Fr Erasto Colnel Mgalama, the continental councillor […]
Fr-Lengarin-Homeoming-Shrine Superior General, Fr Lengarin Calls for Adjustments to Support Missionary Work “There are many things coming up and one of those things is that we are in the stage of renewal. We are in the stage of rebirth, we are in the stage of change,” Fr James Lengarin, Superior General of the Consolata Missionaries has said while calling on the missionaries to be more precise in […]


Githinji-VD Fr Githinji: I enjoy working with young people Fr James Githinji Munene, who on March 1st this year, clocked 71 years of age has spent three-quarters of his missionary life working with young people. He has been a rector of a minor seminary, vocations director and a novice master. 
cq5dam.thumbnail.cropped.1500.844 Religious institutions call for end to harassment of Haitians in Dominican Republic Over a hundred religious and social organisations from around the globe publicly denounce the “illegal and unjust treatment” of people of Haitian descent in the neighbouring Dominican Republic.
20240318Giuseppe Saint Joseph of Nazareth stands at the door of the mission From the time he was young, Joseph of Nazareth took a special place in Blessed Allamano's heart, immediately after Jesus and Mary. He had been privileged with the same name, therefore his liturgical feast of March 19, each year, became a recurring occasion to deepen the knowledge and the relationship with his protector.
DSC_8441 Fr Lengarin: “To build authentic communities and to have enthusiasm for Consecrated Life”  The General Superior of the Consolata Missionaries, Fr James Bola Lengarin, has cautioned the missionaries against, “…a certain widespread mediocrity in the Institute” that manifests itself in, “…superficiality, loss of enthusiasm, abuse and dependency, affective problems, excessive preoccupation with money which determines some missionaries’ interests and choices...”
DSC_8080 Bishop Joya: Stay Away from the Zebedian Sons Syndrome Consolata missionaries working in the Kenya/Uganda region have been advised by Bishop Hieronymus Joya of the catholic diocese of Maralal to be servants of all the people entrusted them in their missions. Bishop Joya was speaking on February 28 to the delegates meeting in Sagana for the 13th regional conference. 
TESTATA-web The Message of the Superior General on the Feast of Blessed Allamano “In our Congregation, which is a family gathered together in the Lord’s name, all the members are as brothers and accept each other as such (Cf. Rom. 15:7); they show concern for each other, live their mission united in mind and heart, and make their own the joys, suffering and hopes of the whole Congregation. This fraternal unity […]