Mons. Peter Makau: It is difficult to say no to the Holy Father

Mons. Peter Makau, the former superior of the Consolata missionaries Kenya/Uganda region was on May 4th 2024 appointed by the Holy Father as the coadjutor bishop of Isiolo diocese. In this interview he shares his sentiments of being called by the nuncio and given the news of being appointed a bishop.

By Daniel Onyango Mkado *

Mons. Makau says that this was the most shocking news he has ever received in his life. “When you are told that it is the Holy Father requesting, it is difficult to decline” he states. For him, the call to work in Isiolo is in line with the Consolata missionary charism of working in ad gentes areas.  

“The God that has called me will give me the necessary graces to carry out His mission” says the 49-year-old Consolata missionary. With his appointment, Mons. Makau becomes the second youngest bishop in the Kenya Conference of Catholic Bishops. 

The Episcopal Ordination of Msgr Peter Makau IMC, the Coadjutor bishop-elect of the Catholic Diocese of Isiolo will take place on July 27, 2024 at St. Eusebius Cathedral grounds.

* Fr Daniel Onyango Mkado, IMC, Comunication Kenya/Uganda Region.

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