September 16, 2022

The Superior General, Fr Stefano Camerlengo, Fr Godfrey Msumange, the Continental Councilor, Fr Marco Marini together with our missionaries working in Madagscar together with the Franciscan Sisters of Notre Dame in Beandrarezona pose for a photo after opening Mass of the Canonical Visit

After various tentatives, finally we have succeeded to do the canonical visit in the Great red soil island located in the Indian Ocean. In this fourth largest island in the world, the three consolata missionaries arrived three years ago. After learning languages (French and Malagasy), the missionaries landed in Beandrarezona mission in the diocese of Ambanja, north west Madagascar. They are still living in a rented small house as they continue assimilating the local culture. The first work is to enter into the society, and together to construct the community. The first attention is human promotion, and to let the gospel be known and lived. Infact in communion with the people of the place, the missionaries have started the construction of the secondary school, so needed in the zone. It is an indispensable vehicle of evangelization. In the zone Christians are 3%.

By Fr Godfrey Msumange

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