In memory of Father Josiah K’Okal

Two months after the death of the Consolata missionary, Father Josiah K’Okal, we remember him with some meaningful interviews.

Born in Kenya on 7 September 1969, after an initial period of formation in Kenya and then in England, he was ordained priest on 9 August 1997 and in the same year was assigned by his superiors to missionary work in Venezuela. In 2005, he arrived in the Apostolic Vicariate of Tucupita and dedicated his ministry to the Warao people.

Father K’Okal was reported missing on 1 January 2024 and his body was found the next day in Boca de Guara, in the Venezuelan state of Monagas. He was buried on 9 January in the parish church of San José in Tucupita.

Source: CAM – Cultures And Mission

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