In response to the proposal of its XIII General Chapter (cf. CG 33), the Consolata Missionaries (IMC) promotes, from 29 January 2021 to 29 January 2023, a Biennium of attention to the person in his human, spiritual and missionary integrity.

Inspired by the theme “I am able to do everything in the One who gives me strength” (Phil 4:13), the Biennium begins precisely on the feast of the 120th anniversary of the Foundation of the Institute with the aim of helping missionaries to make a qualitative leap, to take in their hands the path of their lives with greater enthusiasm, aware of their weaknesses, but also supported by fraternal help.


Each month the organizing committee will send a thematic fact sheet to deepen the understanding of the three fundamental dimensions of life: human, spiritual and missionary. The purpose of the factsheets is to provide a tool to stimulate reflection at the personal, community and circumscription level.

Prayer for the Biennium

Lord, you who are the protagonist of my history, here I am today before you with all my humanity, as it is, to respond to your call to holiness.

I offer you my daily struggles, the challenges that I face and inspire me, as well as the victories that accompany me.

I wish to welcome this period of two years of reflection in its entirety, determined to rediscover that I am loved and questioned by your Word that heals, guides, and offers new life in abundance.

You who are the centre of my consecrated and missionary life, grant me the grace of a radical renewal. Thus, grasped by you and renewed in the fervour of your Spirit, may I serve the mission Ad Gentes, for the Kingdom and in the Church, through my Consolata, family throughout my life.

Bless me today and always, you who live and are present in all paths of mission. Amen!

Thematic Sheets:

THEME 1 – Adam, where are you? (human dimension)

THEME 2 – Joseph Allamano: With Christ at the centre (spiritual-charismatic dimension)

THEME 3 – Jesus: Figure and model of mission (spiritual dimension)

THEME 4 – Resilient: Never give up (human dimension)

THEME 5 – Missionary Discipleship (spiritual dimension)

THEME 6 – Development of the Mission Ad Gentes in the Acts of the Apostles (missionary dimension)

THEME 7 – Temptations and dependencies: Living Fragility

THEME 8 – We are Consecrated for Life

THEME 9 – Ad Gentes

THEME 10 – Acédia and Vanglória

THEME 11 – Holiness and mission Ad Gentes

THEME 12 – The temptations of evangelizers

THEME 13 – Fraternal life and communication

THEME 14 – Joseph Allamano: “We need to pray, and pray a lot, because we are missionaries”

THEME 15 – Formed by reality “arise, go to Nineveh the great city” (Jonah 1,2)

THEME 16 – Fraternal Life and Communication No.2: Learning the Art of Communicating

Content: Biennium of the person

• Lives in the service of the Mission

• Consolata Missionaries celebrate 120 years of Foundation